The Table Is Cardboard

Derma roller

Whether you choose a salon or a doctor’s office, make sure the first derma roller experience you undergo is at the hands of a professional. It matters, believe me. Many people have asked me what is a derma roller, so I’ll act like google and spill the beans on this cosmetic device. First off, it […]


Matt Groening

Oh, how the might have fallen. What happened to The Simpsons…? What became of this once-amazing show? It is still on the air, but the figures keep showing a constant decline. People are not watching it anymore, and sadly enough it is for a good reason. Sure, there are some good jokes here and there, […]

Story Time

The Cabin

I stared out of my cabin window over-looking the bluest of skies and the freshest of lakes. I was having a hot steaming shower. I had the finest in natural products. My mum was a health freak. This was a family summer vacation home but my mum had put it in my name. You see, […]


The Evolution Of The English Language

The English language has taken many shapes and forms. Over its many years of existence, it has undergone changes and revolutions of all kinds. From Old English through Middle English to Modern-day English, every change left something there and perhaps took something away. What began as a derivative of a West Germanic dialect more than […]

Private Labeling

Private labeling

Whole Foods’ “365 Everyday Value” line, Walmart’s “Sam’s Choice”, and Target’s “Archer Farms”- what do these different brands have in common? They are the result of private labeling. What was once considered a low-quality alternative to bigger brands, is now being purchased by many different kinds of consumers, in a variety of markets. So, what […]


Grammer Education

The difference between than and then can be a big struggle for some. This is the story of one boy who had specific struggles with knowing the difference between these two homophones. Not so long ago there lived a man named Thomas Macintosh. Thomas lived in Detroit, Michigan and was an avid basketball player. His […]

Private Labeling

Private label

There are so many private label products out there. Even something that you take for granted, besides for food. Shoes. Some people may like these private label brands of shoes including those who love private label shoes. Why would someone want private label shoes though? Let’s illustrate at least one possible reason. Let’s say you […]