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The difference between than and then can be a big struggle for some. This is the story of one boy who had specific struggles with knowing the difference between these two homophones.

Not so long ago there lived a man named Thomas Macintosh. Thomas lived in Detroit, Michigan and was an avid basketball player. His school had a rule that you needed to have at least a C+ in all of your classes to play on any sports team. This seemed easy for Thomas. There was one problem though. Thomas struggled with knowing the difference between their and there and would often make mistakes with this. He didn’t always have the resources of having a friend proofread it for him especially since most of the essays in his Eleventh Grade English Lgrammar-naziiterature class were in class. He had been doing alright on the essays. He knew though that if he wasn’t careful with the next few he could risk being suspended from the team because he was this close to getting a C+ in the class do to his difficulties with the differences between when to use then versus than. He realized he had to figure this out fast. So what did he do? He got a tutor specifically geared towards helping him deal with this grammatical issues he was having with then versus than. The tutor gave Thomas practice essays to help him figure out how he could best define the differences between than versus then in the proper context. How than t-h- a-n refers more to comparing two items/people for example two is better than one as opposed to then t-h- e-n which refers to time for example bgrammyimageack then I ate apples about a week ago. For the first few weeks Thomas would struggle with these concepts he would say stuff like Than was a different era and three is great then one. The tutor, famously known as the grammar guru, decided that he would not rest until Thomas mastered these crazy grammar skills (check out more great content at So Thomas sat there for two hours every day for two weeks straight. He eventually began to master the different sentences and able to know which then do you use. So Thomas went into his next in class essay completely prepared to write the essay now that he had a clearer idea of when to use then versus than. It took him about an hour to write the entire in class essay utilizing the importance of than versus then, according to the grammar guru. Two weeks passed and this essay successfully mastered the difference in than versus than. More than that Thomas’s essay was marked with a comment: Great job on really improving your ability to differentiate between than versus then! ..) . Thomas was so excited he ran out of school, got on his bike and made his way to the grammar guru to find his way. He knocked on the grammar guru’s apartment. “ Mr. Guru I did it I got an A on my test thanks to you!” “ Anytime” answered the grammar guru.

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