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Derma roller

derma 6 Whether you choose a salon or a doctor’s office, make sure the first derma roller experience you undergo is at the hands of a professional. It matters, believe me. Many people have asked me what is a derma roller, so I’ll act like google and spill the beans on this cosmetic device.

First off, it is not for everyone. Yeah, it has many different settings and methods, but essentially it is not for those with seriously sensitive skin, or those with an ongoing skin condition which your beautician or MD are reluctant to proceed in conjunction with. It happens. Whatever you do, don’t force it. Understand that even if derma rolling is not an option for you right now, there are other methods of treatment. Also, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be an option in the future. Check out this great article about Derma Rollers by Maple Holistics.

Yes. If you go for the first time for a rolling treatment, and you have some kind of treatable condition, be aware that things could get bloody. Sometimes your face feels all inflamed and is sensitive to the touch. This is usually only the first session, and after the body heals itself – which is kind of the point of it all – you can continue with a better-prepared body and mind.

The derma pen, a similar device, also works that way. It injures the skin on a very low-tier level. Microscopic injuries are what causes the skin’s regeneration mechanisms to kick into gear, and get to work on the individual in question. The main difference between at-home devices and professional devices is the size of the needles in question. Generally, they range from particularly small to ones which are quite large. The larger ones are available at salons or a doctor’s office, while the device like the home-use derma roller comes with ones which are smaller.

Treatments done at home should seek to maintain that which was already done in the salon/office. It is upkeep, nothing new. At first, anyway. You should make an attempt to monitor your progress closely, especially if you are new to using this kind of device. YouTube tutorials can be a lifesaver, if they’re filmed and executed properly.derma 3

Schedule your sessions weeks apart. Don’t rush it, don’t force it, or you may push yourself a bit too far. There is a reason why the skin regenerates at the rate that it does, so don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you feel unsure about your progress or lack of it, when you are at home, then contact your beautician or doctor. Also, remember that you are physically injuring your body. Use ointments or salves of some kind, before and after, to make sure you aid your skin in its time of need. It goes through a lot during a treatment. Sometimes it shows, and sometimes it doesn’t. Like I said – close monitoring.

At the end of the day, there is…. Night. Ha ha. What I mean to say is that eventually, you are doing this for a better, younger, smoother you. As someone else’s slogan says: you’re worth it.

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