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Matt Groening

the simpsons 1Oh, how the might have fallen. What happened to The Simpsons…? What became of this once-amazing show? It is still on the air, but the figures keep showing a constant decline. People are not watching it anymore, and sadly enough it is for a good reason. Sure, there are some good jokes here and there, but it is just not funny anymore. It is not the same. And it hasn’t been the same for a long while. And by “the same” I am referring to the Golden Age of the show, back in the 90s. I know there is no point in comparing, but that’s just the point: it’s the same show, isn’t it? So why can’t I compare? I can and I will. Granted, I haven’t seem much of the modern-day episodes. I tuned out a while ago. But I do glimpse some here and there, and it is not too good. At least when compared to the older seasons. And, like it or not, there is a basis for comparison, and sadly the results are in: this is not the same show. And it hasn’t been the same show for a quite a while.

Essentially, The Simpsons went from being a show which mocks pop culture and which puts a mirror in front of America, to a show which IS pop culture, and which no longer satirizes America. Rather, it has become America. It has been impaled on its own sword, it has become a victim of its own success. Ironically,futurama 1 creature Matt Groening cited “success” as one of the ways to die in Los Angeles, all the way back in 1982. Groening moved on to Futurama and other successful endeavors, and he left the show to others who were – let’s face it – not as qualified, not as funny, and not as inventive. They didn’t have the heart, soul, and comedy abilities. Again, it is sad to see a show that was once hailed as America’s televised sweetheart become a shell of its former self, with nothing but a few punchlines and catchphrases.

I hope I am wrong. I mean, if the show manages to bounce back, that would be awesome. I recently saw a clip on youtube which chronicals the rise and fall of the show. It is pretty darn accurate, and it opened up my eyes to the reasons why the show is in such a slump. The future is full of infinite possibilities. Time will tell.

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